Catholic Schools Week

Catholic Schools Week 2020

It was with great joy that we welcomed over 100 grandparents from Senior Infants and 3rd Class on Friday January 31st, 2020 to celebrate Grandparents Day as part of Catholic Schools week. The theme this year was Living in Harmony with all generations.

Grandparents came from far and wide. We welcomed Grandparents from all parts of the country - Clare, Cork and Offaly to name but a few. We even spotted a Granny from the UK! We remembered all those who couldn’t be with us.

The boys and girls from Senior Infants and 3rd were wonderful. Each class led a prayer service in honour of their Grandparents. It began with the lighting of the candle. As it was close to the feast of St. Brigid, the children presented the St. Brigid cross at the start of the ceremony. The children prayed and sang with great enthusiasm and respect and delighted everyone with their poetry and song. Many thanks to Mrs. O’Leary who read new testament passage on behalf of parents. The children presented gifts to their families as a token of thanks. Grandparents were delighted to join in the singing

Boys and girls from all classes put on a magnificent display of their art and writing in the hall. It was read and admired by all the visitors. So many thanks to them and their teachers for preparing that work.

A visit to the classrooms after the service gave everyone a chance to meet Mr. Tierney, the teachers and the SNAs. Grandparents chatted about their own memories of school and they had time to admire all the work that is going on in Senior Infants and 3rd Class.

Later they all enjoyed the refreshments in the staff room. Parents (Kate, Aileen, Caroline and Aileen came to help with the tea and coffee. They had a busy morning/afternoon, so we thank them also for giving us their time and making the day so enjoyable. Parents. Sandra, Orla, Jessica and Caroline baked delicious scones, madeleines, muffins and lemon drizzle cakes which we all thoroughly enjoyed!

The children and staff had a very exciting day. We thank all the families for attending, it was a great day! Grandparents should be very proud!

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