Booklists 2022/23

The booklists for each class are below, the uniform details are below that. All files are PDF form and can be read or downloaded

Junior Infants 2022-23 Book List

Junior Infants 2022-23 Book List.pdf

Senior Infants 2022-23 Book List

Senior Infants 2022-23 Book List.pdf

First Class 2022-23 Book List

First Class 2022-23 Book List.pdf

Second Class 2022-23 Book List

Second Class 2022-23 Book List.pdf

Third Class 2022-23 Book List

Third Class 2022-23 Book List.pdf

Fourth Class 2022-23 Book List

Fourth Class 2022-23 Book List.pdf

Fifth Class 2022-23 Book List

Fifth Class 2022-23 Book List.pdf

Sixth Class 2022-23 Book List

Sixth Class 2022-23 Book List.pdf


The school uniform is made up of:

· Trousers, skirt or pinafore – grey

· Shirt – white or grey

· Cardigan or jumper – burgundy or wine

· Tie – burgundy or wine

· Socks or tights – grey, white or black

· Shoes – black (Velcro preferable for younger children)

The PE uniform is comprised of:

· Tracksuit – navy. (In the summer the children can wear track-shorts in navy or black)

· Polo shirt – white

· Runners (Velcro preferable for younger children)

The uniform can be purchased from Topstore, 278 Ballyfermot Road, Dublin 10. Their phone number is (01) 6232812 and their price-list is below in pdf format.

Alternatively, generic versions can be purchased from large retailers. The school crest can be bought from the school office (€4) and sewed or ironed on to the jumper, cardigan or tracksuit top.

Please be sure to label items which are likely to be removed on warm days – jumpers, cardigans and sweatshirts.

Velcro fastenings on shoes are preferable in Junior Infants and help to prevent accidents.

Topstore Price List May 2022.pdf