Wellbeing Warriors

Wellbeing Warriors

We are delighted to be able to bring our first ever Wellbeing Warriors committee to St Patrick's NS thanks to the amazing effort of Ms Nyhan and Ms Goff-Rock!

Our school is aiming to achieve the Amber Flag for Positive Mental Health among our school pupils and staff through various ideas, all inspired through the pupils!

The Wellbeing Warriors committee for 2021-22 are:

3rd: Eric + Léa

4th: Robyn + Milo

5th: Noah + Dan Mc

6th: Ava + Ruby

Our goals and aims for this years Amber Flag included:

  1. Complete a successful fundraiser for Pieta House: We took part in ‘Inside Out’ day The children wore a piece of clothing inside out to encourage people to stop and think about how others are feeling. This day encouraged the children to always be kind as you don’t know how your friend is feeling on the inside.

  2. A Mental Health Awareness Week: We dedicated a week where the school allocate more time each day to positive wellbeing. Some activities can included meditation, yoga, mindful colouring, mindful homework, mindful walk in the park, extra relaxing time including reading, listening to music etc.

  3. Create a positive wellbeing environment which include designing wellbeing posters to put around the school.

  4. Further Develop our mindful techniques: We achieved this by establishing a worry monster in all junior classes (Junior Infants – 2nd class). Encouraged teachers to do mindful colouring, yoga, use GoNoodle website to encourage positive affirmation and good breathing techniques.