This page will have links for parents which may be of use to you. Please keep an eye on this page as it will hopefully be updated frequently. The links below will direct you to the area that might of use to you. Otherwise, happy browsing!

Useful Links To Sites - All Subjects

Use the link below to bring you to a page on Symbaloo which contains a variety of websites which may be of use to your child. Covering everything from Maths to Art, English to games, and more!

Internet Safety

It is recommended that children use and

as alternatives to Google. Both of these are Google-driven but filter some more 'unnecessary content'.

Our school laptops have this setting provided - Display Posters for printing (FREE)

STEM / Coding / Digital Media


Scratch Junior (app link)


Computer Science 'Unplugged' Handbook

Dog Island and Explorers- great sites for teaching pupils to critically approach information and ask "is everything I read true?"

Praxent is a website for the more senior pupils (and for parents) who want to have a look into programming languages like Python, C++, JavaScript etc. All of these languages are used in app development. Given that approximately 65% of the jobs of this generation don't exist yet, these languages will some become as important as any spoken language. Site has links for beginners who are interested also