Podcasting - Live and Unscripted!!

We have entered the world of podcasting!!! Feel free to have a listen to our podcasts over the next while!

*Please note:: as we only have a very limited amount of free space on SoundCloud podcasts will be deleted to make way for new ones!

All of our Podcasts are LIVE and UNSCRIPTED! We just go with the flow!!!

Episode 1 - Welcome To Us! - 6th Class discuss their ideas on what Climate Change is in the school's very first Podcast ever!

(Featured:: Killian, Connor, Maude, Georgia, Sara and Louis!)

Episode 2 - Konrad's Nuclear Explosion! We continue our chat about Climate Change in the same way as our intro episode! Konrad reveals his nuclear ideas, while David vs Greta comes up again!

(Featured:: Noah, Konrad, Rebecca, Mia!)

Episode 3 - Brexit And The Chocolate Muffin! We take a dive into the hottest topic of the hour....Brexit! Think you've heard it all? You might want to think again about that one! Be prepared for skin fades, talking about the newly formed EK (not UK!), some interesting Irish history, and chocolate muffins! Not to be missed!!

(Featured:: Sara, Mia, Mark, Maude!)

Episode 4 - Christmas Time with Dr. Phil! We delve into the world of Christmas and begin with the review of the Late Late Toy Show (or Lack of Toys Show!). We give our thoughts on Christmas and homelessness and the elderly. Finally, the all important chat about the Christmas list. Some interesting thoughts, ranging from Dr Phil to 'exchanging a brother for a ginger one!' Enjoy and Happy Christmas! See you all in 2020!

(Featured: Sara, Abigail, Jake, Caitlin, Conan and Lucy!)

Episode 5 - Coronavirus and TikTok- In our first 2020 chat, we talk about the way of the world in 2020 and our hopes. The chat is mostly related to the Coronavirus and the panic around it!! Also, have a listen for a man who is on a mission to avoid McDonalds forever (it seems!), and a girl whose dream is to become "Tik Tok Famous"!!

PS Apologies for the sound quality, we can't figure out why one microphone didn't work!!!

(Featured: Mia, Cara, Noah, Killian, Georgia)