All policies are collaboratively compiled in consultation with all relevant parties, approved and signed by Board of Management, and reviewed at appropriate times when necessary. 


Enrolment (Admission) Policy

Admission Policy.pdf

Anti-Bullying Policy

Anti Bullying Policy.pdf

Code of Behaviour

Code of Behaviour.pdf

Child Safeguarding Risk Assessment

Child Safeguarding Risk Assessment Sept 2022.pdf

Child Safeguarding Statement

Child Safeguarding Statement Signed Sept 2022.pdf

Critical Incidents Policy

Critical Incidents Policy.pdf

Data Protection Policy

Data Protection Policy.docx.pdf

Equality & Gender Equity

Equality & Gender Equity Policy.pdf

Intimate Care & Toileting Policy

Intimate Care and Toileting Policy.pdf

Whistleblowing Policy

Whistleblowing (Protected Disclosures) Policy.pdf

Covid Response Plan

Covid Response Plan March 2021.pdf
Covid 19 Policy Statement layout updated.docx.pdf
Covid 19 Response Plan Sept 2021.docx.pdf
ICT Policy 2021.docx