How You Are Helping 

Just some photos (with the help of our Junior Class models!!!) to show you, the parents, guardians, friends, family, staff and community associated with the school, where the Lotto fundraising money has gone!

The staff and children worked out where we were in need in terms of PE equipment and thanks to everyone playing the lotto we were able to get some great new PE equipment - from counting cones to hockey sticks and goals, beanbags to a tennis net, a disc goal to athletics poles and even an electric ball pump!!! And as you can see we managed to get some real storage for them too!

This the first major addition to the PE in quite a while and all at St Patrick's are so grateful for your help! The children can access the curriculum in new ways with the equipment! Go raibh mile maith agaibh go leir!!!

Update on Lotto Fundraising 

With your support through the St Patrick's NS Lotto Fundraising, we have decided not only to purchase some new PE equipment for the pupils, but also some new technology! Read on to find out!

Since the changes in our lives recently, the once-ignored practices of mindfulness and well-being are more important than ever before. The rise in mental health issues since March has exploded in our country and worldwide. But when is the best time to begin looking after your mental health? 


Many of us are slightly better informed on the subject nowadays but by having the opportunities to engage in the practices of well-being and activity from an early age, we can try and work towards building a better mental future for our pupils. Part of this is fitness and activity. As a result, we have decided to use the money to purchase the first Audio-Visual Projection equipment for the PE Hall. This will allow our pupils and staff to engage in things like well-being and mindfulness practices, yoga, physical exercising, mental conditioning, dance and much more. Although we are not blessed with massive hall space, we are fortunate to have amazing pupils and staff who are willing to engage in new ideas, like mindfulness. So this new equipment will hopefully bring new opportunities to them in social, personal, health, emotional and physical development over time!

The projector is an ultra-short throw, complete with speakers and wireless laptop linking through a dongle, removing wires for us! It will be portable also. 

This would not be possible without your continued support through our school lotto! The funds for all of this come through the lotto from your support - Thank you so much! Don't forget, the jackpot of €2,000 is still there to be won! We cannot wait until somebody wins! 

We also want to give a massive THANK YOU to the parents/guardians on the school Fundraising Committee who continue to give their time to the school and community!

I am delighted to announce the launch of the St. Patrick’s school fundraiser lotto. It’s a fund-raising initiative and the money raised will be used to directly support our school and your children’s education. Please pass the word on and invite friends and family.  

As a school we are committed to providing the very best computers, the very best PE equipment, the very best school books and the very best art and craft and science material for your children.

There are however, many financial challenges faced by the school each year. Over the past number of years grant income from the Department of Education & Skills has not been keeping up with the increases in our running costs e.g. insurance, water charges, gas, electricity and waste collection. We work hard to reduce the school’s running costs and every year change suppliers to reduce our costs.

The commitment to provide the very best for the school costs more than the school grants provided by the department. This is a challenge for every school in Ireland and we want to overcome this challenge with our fundraiser lotto.

We understand the financial position for many of our families and hope that the weekly option of €2 per line will allow everybody to contribute.

If you can contribute 3 lines for €5 it would be hugely appreciated and you never know you might just win!

Kind Regards

Kieran Tierney


What is Our Aim At The Moment?

With the PE equipment, our aim now is for a mixture of things 

What our some of Our Future Aims?