STEM / Lego

Lego WeDo 2.0

For the first time ever in our school we were given an opportunity to use the STEM technology kits with Lego WeDo 2.0.

Some of the pupils from 2nd class took on the task to build the original robot, Milo, and code him to move! It is a great first step in

Lego technology and is great for skills in teamwork, engineering, coding, debugging, building, design and lots more!

Mr Keelan is currently working with the PDST in 2 girls schools in Dublin with their projects to enter into the First Lego League 2020! This is a project involving over 2 MILLION kids around the globe!

This year, the project is called Boomtown Build!

6th Class and Milo!

6th Class got the opportunity to be the first full class to try out the Lego WeDo technology and then use a fantastic sharing app called SeeSaw!