Senior Classes

Junior Entrepreneur 2020

Junior Entrepreneur 2020 has begun and 6th Class have moved straight into the action by coming up with profitable ideas and prototypes!

They have already experienced the "wrath" of the 2 Dragon's and now must work on their edited ideas for the deadline in March 2020! We wish them luck and thanks to our 2 AMAZING dragons!!

Podcasting At Last!!!

Since our move to Google Education and G-Suite, our school is attempting to transform itself into a growing digital school. Today, October 2nd 2019, 6th Class attempted the school's first podcast! Six pupils - Maude, Sara, Georgia, Killian, Louis and Connor - had a 10min chat about their thoughts and ideas on Climate Change to coincide with the recent worldwide protests. Hoping to find a way to upload soon!!!!

Dublin GAA Star Cormac Costello visits 6th Class for their Graduation!

Palmerstown Credit Union Art Competition Winners 2018